i am azrael brown.

well, not really. see, i make up online identities as i see fit. more people should do it -- having one identity tends to get people painted into corners.

it's not that i'm lying about who i am. all i've done is create a new name, a new avatar for moving around on the internet. i'm still me, and i'll act this way anyways. if anything, it allows me to be more free, because the different name prevents the casual observer from connecting my actions with anything else i've done. by not feeling required to fill the role according to the way i've acted in the past, there's no real expectations, so my actions just pertain to the action at the moment. which, if you think about it, is very fitting for an online identity.

yes, you think i'm psycho.

well, maybe. either way, you've found this page due to something i've done. congratulations! you gonna find out who i am, exactly? go for it. you'll probably be disappointed, even though i am a mildly famous person.

as a start, why don't you email me, visit my column at backwash.com, or my profile at fark.com.

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